Friday, February 24, 2012

Hailey's Coyote (Bear Canyon Shifters) by Dawn Smith

February 20 at 5:28pm via Kindle

I finished reading Hailey's Coyote by Dawn Smith.  This was a fun read, enjoyable but nothing really stood out for me.  The characters were likable but a bit thin for my liking.  Girl just moves in to new apartment, immediately gets marked as the mate of the coyote pack enforcer and then is ripped from her still unpacked apartment and dumped in the pack for her own protection while the male goes out to try and capture the rogue coyote's out to kill anyone and anything that stands in their way. It was a fun read as I said but compressed.  This could have stood from a lot more expansion to really flesh out the story and build the characters a bit deeper, more real.
Evan is on a mission to bring down the rogue pack that has been terrorizing the community. He didn't expect to stumble across his mate in the process. Hailey just moved in and was not prepared for the man of her dreams to knock her off her feet. Only one thing is stopping them from their happily ever after, Evan's prey has turned the tables and now Hailey's life is in Evan's hands.

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