Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inner Secrets by Suzie Carr
Hope Steele destroyed her marriage by being unfaithful to her husband with a woman. Plagued by guilt and committed to be a better person, she seeks a fresh start by renting a room in an estate home with five people from various backgrounds. But before long she develops a deep attraction to her roommate Lucy, who is in ...a relationship. Lucy makes her feel free, sexy, and whole. Further stoking her desire is the sense Lucy is keeping a secret of her own. As Hope struggles to preserve her integrity, what ensues is a dance between right and wrong and truth and forgiveness.
This was a very good read! It started out a bit slow ... journal entries are good and great fill in but for me it's a glossy cover and I don't get the real feel of the characters.  Once the real characters emerged there was a real sense of identity.  The came across full bodied and grabbed your attention.  Emotions, ideas, feelings ... as I read the story I actually felt myself tensing up as something happened and I started to think about how the others in the house were going to react to it.  That's the kind of story I like to read.  Easy to put yourself in some of their positions, identify with their insecurities and fears.  It was good story that wrapped you up and pull you along with the characters, laughing, cringing and wincing as the story unfolded.  It was a good story that was both sad and uplifting in many ways. 

Another good story from Suzie Carr!

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