Friday, February 24, 2012

Re-read When Dreams Tremble by Radclyffe

Yep, I'm at it again.  Re-reading! For one I love going back to favorite books and characters.  There's always something that grabs at you and makes you smile or cry.  Another reason is that I would have to win the lottery in order to keep me in new reading material! LOL! 

When Dreams Tremble
Leslie Harris's visit to her upstate New York lakeside family home after a decade of triumphs and disappointment resembles a nightmare more than the quiet vacation she'd heard for. The unexpected appearance of much-changed town eco girl Devon Weber, with whom Leslie shares a secret that haunts them both, rekindles an old heart ache—and reminds Leslie of just why she left. Even though her attraction to Dev comes roaring back, the one thing Leslie doesn't want is to pick up where they left off, especially not when she already has just the life she wants—a rewarding high-power law practice, a condo in Manhattan, and a lover who satisfies her without demanding the intimacy Leslie avoids. Unfortunately, environmental biologist Devon Weber doesn't play by Leslie's rules. Two women whose lives turned out far differently than they'd once imagined discover that sometimes the shape of the future can only be found in the past-and love is strongest When Dreams Tremble.

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