Saturday, February 4, 2012

Surfacing by AnneMarie Buhl

Surfacing by AnneMarie Buhl and gave it 3 star only because it was too short. This was a good story.  The characters were very interesting, the story compelling but it was just too short. It was like reading the 1st chapter of a book and wanting more.  It was a fun read and well worth the time.

Ostracized by her friends and abandoned by her mother, JJ wanders through high school confused and alone. Then the most mysterious girl in school asks her on a date and JJ sees a way to take her life back into her control. She accepts and embarks on a first date she won't forget and finds a second chance she never thought she'd have.  "Surfacing" is a short story by AnneMarie Buhl, a writer who lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.

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