Friday, February 10, 2012

Tangerine Twist by Suzie Carr

Tangerine Twist

Product Description

Becca James wants to make it big. And she will, as soon as the idea of performing doesn’t scare the voice out of her. Until then she orchestrates another life…predictable, responsible, and dull. Then Kara walks on stage, a flirty goddess with long, wavy hair and sultry caramel-flecked eyes that drip with sex appeal. Inhibitions and commitments fall like shattered glass, as the duo form a musical sensation. Becca is big! But can self indulgence substitute for self respect? Can a wild ride stop at happiness? In this fast paced, sexy novel, finding out what really matters in life doesn’t always mean you get it. Or does it?
I like Suzie Carr's books.  Her stories are always interesting and I like the characters in them.  That being said I have to say Tangerine Twist just didn't catch my interest the way her other books have.  I enjoyed the story and the characters were interesting but it just didn't grab my interest.  I couldn't get into this story like the others.  The story kept me reading but the characters didn't pull me into their lives like the others did. 
It was a story of finding one's self.  Becca's journey wasn't easy and there were a lot bumps along the way.  In discovering herself Becca also discovered that appearances aren't always what they seemed and the great and exciting life she'd wanted since she was little didn't bring her the satisfaction she thought it would. 
Inner Secrets is the next book in my reading list by Suzie Carr. I'm curious to see how this one pulls me in. 
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