Monday, February 20, 2012

Winds of Heaven by Kate Sweeney

Winds Of Heaven  Winds of Heaven by Kate Sweeney is a fantastic book!  The characters are real and the story is gripping and demands your attention.  It's an emotional roller coaster that takes you to the highs of love, passion and laughter and down to the depths of sorrow, loss and helpless anger.  Kate Sweeney draws a very vivid picture of the loss of a loved partner on top of the hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy and a resurgence of feelings long thought lost and out of reach.

Liz Kennedy's partner of 5 years, Julie, has died, leaving Liz pregnant and caring for a 3 year old daughter.  Money depleted from the pregnancy, the sudden hospital stay and funeral, Liz finds herself at the end of her rope. Strongly independent but left with no where to turn she find herself and her daughter placed into the hands of her partner's ex-lover. 

Knowing she was dying, Julie, wrote to her ex-lover, the only person she knew that she could depend on to help her pregnant partner, and asked her to help Liz through this rough time and care for her and her unborn child. 

Casey Bennet, a strong, arrogant, musician, has reached the top of her career.  Independent, good enough to demand the best, she lives her life as she sees fit, enjoying women for all their worth yet never letting anyone actually touch her life.  Julie was the only one she had felt close to and when she had broken things off Casey knew she wouldn't let that happen to her again.  Now she find herself put into a position of having to care for her ex-lover's partner, child and child to be and it is a very uncomfortable feeling.  Feeling put upon and angry she agrees to see Liz through her pregnancy and help out till she can get back on her feet. What she felt when she saw Liz for the very first time and how 3 year old Skye, reached out and touched a part of her she didn't know existed threw her ordered life into a tail spin. 

This is a fantastic book, with good, strong characters and enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages right from the start.  A wonderful, loving story that reaches into your heart.  Laughter and tears and the wonder of child birth.  A great story you'll really enjoy!

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