Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roses & Thorns by Chris Anne Wolfe

I've re-read several books in the past week or so but this last book I read, Roses and Thorns by Chris Anne Wolfe was really fantastic.  A retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale it was done in fine style.  The story, characters, plot were all excellent.  I found myself caught up in the tale, knowing the basics and seeing the plot line following along but I was captured by the emotions and the unique story twists that embodied both the original tale and even part of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  The magic, the joy, the fun of the story swept me along and brought smiles to my face even as I had tears in my eyes.  A wonderful telling of a familiar tale made new and fresh.  Excellent reading!

I was very surprised and saddened when I reached the end to find that Chris Anne Wolfe had died of cancer in 1997.  She had written 4 novels, including Shadows of Aggar and Fires of Aggar. The About the Author at the end of the book also mentioned Annabel & I and Death, Sweet Suitor Mine.  I've going to have to look for these.  If  Roses and Thorns is any indication of her writing ability I definitely want to read these others. 

Have a great weekend everyone!