Friday, March 7, 2014

7 March 2014 -- thoughts

Looking forward to new books this month.  I bought the new Prudence MacLeod book Old Family Mansion today.  I enjoy her books and this one sounds very interesting. I'm also looking forward to the new J. R. Ward book, The King coming out this month.  The 25th I believe. 
I have quite a few books in my read pile on my Kindle.  Out of Darkness & If It Kills Me by Jason D. Morrow.  A futuristic story of apocalyptic nature.  They are book 1 & 2 and I liked the blurbs. 
I have Dark Bites by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Origins & Apocalypse by Kyle West, Bear Naked by Dana Marie Bell, All Saints' Secrets & To Murder a Saint by Nicole Loughan.  Remember Me by Syd Parker, Waking Forever by Heather McVea, to name a few.  I've been doing what I usually do when I find myself with too many choices and I've been re-reading books that I really enjoy.  At this point those are the books by Erik Schubach, including his Music of the Soul books & the Valkyrie Chronicles.  Also books by Prudence MacLeod, her romances and her Science Fictions.  I'm also listening to the Honor Harrington series by David Weber on Audible and I'm at book 9 at this point.  I've also recently picked up some of my old favorites growing up: Anne of Green Gables, the Complete Little Women, Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Andre Norton.  Soooo many books and never enough time to read/re-read them all but at least I never run out of good reading material!
Back to my books!  Happy Reading!

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