Saturday, March 15, 2014

Currently - Drakon: Awakening by Erik Schubach and Old Family Mansion by Prudence MacLeod

Just purchased Erik Schubach's newest release, Drakon: Awakening and Prudence MacLeod's Old Family Mansion.  I'm looking forward to reading these books.  I also read the preview chapter for next book in Erik Schubach's Music of the Soul series: Progeny and I have to say I'm excited.  I love these characters and now the children are coming of age and making this series such a rich and fulfilling read.  This one is due out in April and I'm marking my calendar! 
Audio wise I'm still listening to David Weber's Honor Harrington series. Currently that is War of Honor with At All Costs and Mission of Honor cued up and ready to go.  As I said these are great for my drive in and back from work.  Three hours round trip and I love my audible books!
We went out this past Thursday and ordered two iPad Air tablets.  I needed more mobility and this will be just what I needed.  While this will not replace my Kindles it will add another source of access.  I still enjoy my Kindle for just plain reading, no distractions but there are times when I need the Internet access, the app access of my phone (but without straining my eyes on my phone screen) and the iPad will fill that slot. 
I purchased several new Amigurami books over the past few days and I'm having fun learning new things to crochet.  Here is also another great place for listening to my audio books.  I have the audio book on in the background while I'm reading the patterns and creating new little amigurami to share my spaces with.  Talk about combining two of my favorite pass times in a wonderfully enjoyable manner!  Yes, it's the little things that keep me happy!
I also just picked up Rebound by Lynette Mae.  This one has been in my wish list for awhile now and I finally caved in and just added it to my Kindle.  So much to read and just not enough waking hours to enjoy them all!
Well, I hope you all have a most wonderful day and a fantastic weekend.  More later!

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