Monday, March 3, 2014

Grace Falls by H. P. Munro

Grace Falls by H. P. Munro is a funny, wonderful love story set in a small town in rural Alabama.  Maddie, needing to get away from the memories of a failed marriage, heads across country to a new beginning in California.  Unfortunately for her, her beloved car blows a gasket just outside of Grace Falls, Alabama.  This story has wonderful characters and tongue-in-cheek humor that keeps this story rolling from the very first. The characters are realistic and you find yourself drawn into their little town and all its quirks and foibles.  This is a great story full of happy and sad tears as well as laughter and joy.  For anyone who has ever lived in a small town there is a lot that is familiar and bring a chuckle to your heart.  It's fun getting to know Maddie, Alex, Jessica, Sully, Peter and Ruth and Mack.  This was great fun to read and a wonderful way to spend a cold, wintry afternoon.

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