Friday, March 7, 2014

Safe Passage by Kate Owen

Safe Passage by Kate Owen was a very interesting and captivating story.  I enjoyed the characters and was very pleased with the story.  Set in New Orleans, both characters, teachers, came together naturally and smoothly.  The story, a light mystery, had very good details and the chemistry between the characters carried it along very well.  This was a fun read and I really liked the smart language and come-backs between characters.  Definitely worth the time to read and enjoy.  Over all a good 3 1/2 to 4 star rating.  I have only two main gripes and they are both minor.  One was a slip very near the end of the book where Gen was going to borrow Jules car.  There was a slip where the character Jules went to get her keys to give to Gen and as it was written, she gave them to herself.  This caused a moment of confusion as I had to go back and make sure of what I had just read.  Not a big glitch and not all that distracting but enough to make me step back and lose the thread for a moment.  The other is just my own desire for the story not to end. It was a good, complete ending but somehow it just felt truncated to me.  Like, there should have been more.  Almost like, OK, we figured it out.  End of story.  Annoying but not to detract from a very good story.  That's my look at it anyway.  I'd like to read more about Gen & Jules.  They were good, well defined characters and they really drew me into their story. 

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