Saturday, October 3, 2015

Changes and new beginnings

It's been quite awhile since I've posted here.  Things are changing and looking up and possible new beginnings are on the horizon.

I haven't stopped reading (interchange breathing with reading ... about the same thing). If anything I'm reading and listening (audible books) more than ever. Erik Schubach, Prudence MacLeod, Lynsay Sands, J.R. Ward, Bridget Essex, Natalie Vivien, RSJ Gregory, Eliza Lentzski, David Weber, Stephanie Erickson, Lara Adrian, Dana Marie Bell, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Corinn Heathers, Louis L'Amour, CW Lamb to name only a very few of the Authors.

I've added Crafts to this as I tend to spend the time I'm not reading, crafting.  I do 3D graphics on the computer using DAZ Studio, VUE, and ZBrush.  Mostly landscapes.  It's a fun way to occupy my time.  I also Crochet and Knit. I love doing Amigurami crochet. The little animals are just so cute.  They sit all about my work area, looking over my shoulders or from the top of shelves.  I have tried my hand at Beading with mixed results.  My current craft is ChainMaille.  I have found this to be a very fun and enjoyable craft and I've been going crazy in making small pieces of jewelry and decorations.  I just finished up a very nice 2.5 inch Christmas Wreath ornament this morning and a Japanese Lace bracelet for my wife.  I've been making Celtic Crosses and have even sold a few and have a few orders for more. I've made several bracelets and am waiting for more rings to come in to expand my creations. ;-)  I am really enjoying myself with this.  I've found myself starting a project and working for hours without stopping and not even noticing the passing of time.  I've surprised myself with just how focused and involved I get while making the chainmaille designs.
I spent hours this morning and afternoon making the Japanese Lace bracelet. The work is detailed and time consuming but the results are really lovely.

I am planning to add pictures of the crafts and some of my landscapes here.

We've also taken up a small zoo.  LOL! We now have 2 Panther Chameleons, 2 Veiled Chameleons, 2 Jackson Chameleons, 2 Mourning Geckos, a Blue Iguana, a Chinese Water Dragon, a Leopard Gecko, a Bearded Dragon, 2 tiny blue and yellow frogs along with our other pets, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 guinea pigs and a Cockatiel.

Life is good.

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